• Docril Fabrics, LLC is a subsidiary of Citel S.L., a Spanish family owned company with a long textile tradition that started back in 1875.Currently in its 6th generation, the family continues investing in quality and innovation to achieve the highest international standards. We are vertically integrated and control the whole production process. Citel is not off-shored like many others in the textile industry. All our sun protection fabrics are produced in Barcelona (Spain).

    Our solution dyed fabrics for awnings, marine, parasol and outdoor furniture as well as our fiberglass and polyester meshes for screens and vertical blinders are well known in Europe, Asia, Australia and to continue our process of international implementation, in 2011, we started our USA operations in Miami, Florida. Currently, we have 2 distribution warehouses, located in Miami, FL and Denver, CO.

    At Docril Fabrics, we believe in providing our customers a superb quality products, large colors & patterns selection, industry un-matched customer services, highly competitive pricing structure and industry best 10-year product warranty.

    Acrilic Awning Fabrics


    See our collection of high quality Docril awning fabrics:

    Solid  |  Stripes  |  Ν, H, Sunless Glass

    10 years real warranty!

    The fabric is guaranteed for a period of ten years during which it covers any abnormal deterioration of the physical properties and colour, given a normal exposure to weather and in the case that care and cleaning advices summarized in this website have been properly followed.


    NYFAN S.A.
    65 Perissou Str., Nea Chalkidona, 143 43, Athens
    Tel. 210 2581440
    Fax: 210 2524411
    e-mail: info@nyfan.gr


    NYFAN S.A.
    Perissou 65, Nea Chalkidona, 143 43, Athens
    Tel. 210 2581440 Fax: 210 2524411
    e-mail: info@nyfan.gr

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