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Architectural Shade Sails NYFAN HDPE®

Architectural shading net is a very strong and durable shading material made from high quality HDPE UV stabilized weaving fibre.

It is appropriate for a number of different shading applications including boat tents, fence lining, car parking and the coverage of outdoor agricultural spaces either in the form of retractable shading systems or umbrellas.

Years warranty


Tension resistant

Water repellent

Technical characteristics:

This is a very good solution for wind breaking since the perforation of the material allows the air to move through it while simultaneously lessening its intensity thus lowering the risk of tearing. It is entirely hydrophobic and very shady. 8 wonderful RAL colours are available at Nyrfan.

The architectural shading net weighs 300g/m², is resistant to temperatures from -40°C to 80°C. It also has high resistance to tearing and allows for little contraction and dilation. The materials used for its manufacture are environmentally friendly and the colours used are 100% free of heavy metals.


Sun sails, fence screens, car park cover, caOle shade, wind break etc
Raw material HDPE
Type Knitted monofilament / tape
Yarn MD/CD 470 Denier
Construction MD/CD 6 / 14 inch²
Fabric weight ISO 1183-1 320 g/m²
Tensile strength MD/CD ISO 1421-1 550 / 1520 N/5cm
Elongation MD/CD ISO 1421-1 70 / 50 %
Tear strength MD/CD ISO 4647-1 120 / 195 N
Temperature resistance -40 / +80
UV stability 300 KLY
Shade factor EN 14501 SEE COLOR %
5 year UV degradation based on Western European conditions
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