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Digitally Printed Patterns NYFAN TenCate

The extremely beautiful printed designs of the NYFAN TenCate® awnings series are intended for spaces with a happy feel to them. Choose amongst 24 modern as well as classic best-selling designs for the interior side of your awning.

Years warranty


Tension resistant

Water repellent

Mildew & Rot resistant



About the NYFAN TenCate® Digitally Printed Patterns awning fabrics:

The NYFAN TenCate® Patterns awnings are printed on digital printers of the latest technology. Digital printing allows our awnings to have remarkable and unique qualities including high-resolution details in the printing of the designs as well as vivid and indelible colours.

The special UV LED treatment which is applied during the digital printing process contributes to the anti-fungal (mold) protection of the fabric. The outer coating of the fabric and the hydrophobic finish result in its easy cleaning. Furthermore, all of our awnings have an excellent finish and offer perfect implementation on any awning construction.

For the proper maintenance of the awning, we recommend that you don’t fold the fabric while it is wet. Clean it with luke-warm water. Don’t use chlorine or other chemical cleaners and regularly clean the dust with a soft brush. By keeping the awning clean and caring for it with the above directions, you should maintain your awning in good condition for many years.

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