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Aluminum Pergolas
NYFAN Pergola®

NYFAN aluminum pergolas provide full protection every season of the year, upgrading your outdoor space both aesthetically and functionally.

They are characterized by absolute reliability and elegant design. They are manufactured in our production plant in Inofyta Viotias with the strictest specifications. They come with a 5-year warranty.

Pergola APERTO

The Pergola APERTO is a new pergola of bioclimatic design by NYFAN.


The Pergola MUSTANG S is the ideal solution for your patio, your veranda, or even your balcony.

Pergola CAMARO

The Pergola CAMARO, with its square and flat surfaces, can be combined harmonically with every contemporary architectural style.

Pergola LOFT

The Pergola LOFT is an aluminum pergola with contemporary design where smaller and simpler surfaces dominate.

Pergola BRIDGE

Hanged pergola for projections up to 6,5m. Minimal design with optional INOX support rods.

Pergola JUMBO

Thanks to its large aluminum profiles, the Pergola JUMBO can cover surfaces up to 135m2.

Pergola ROUND

A pergola with guides, it is available in many different variations to create a distinctive aesthetic result.

Technology and Quality in
NYFAN Pergolas.

So you may live outdoors in the same comfort as your home

Come outdoors. Enjoy the fresh air and sun. NYFAN aluminum pergolas are designed with reliability and functionality in mind and they are the ideal solution for you to upgrade your outdoor space and transform it into a pleasant living area to be enjoyed at any time.

Whether it is a garden, a terrace, a poolside or a parking space, the NYFAN aluminum pergola is a new way for your to make the most of your outdoor spaces.

The reliable solution for business spaces

A business space must be flawless and exude reliability, quality and stability. With NYFAN aluminum pergolas you can achieve this as they are a surefire solution for the shading of any outdoor business space. Parking lots, terraces, outdoor patios and roofs can be upgraded aesthetically and functionally.

With NYFAN aluminum pergolas, a company’s outdoor space can be transformed into a professional meeting point.

Protection all four seasons of the year


Total shade thanks to the Black Out PVC awning fabric


Coverage of large surfaces by one system up to 130m2


Protection from rain thanks to 100% waterproof material


Water management with integrated gutter and water runoff


Integrated LED lighting with dimmer


Configured to your every need. Every pergola is constructed exactly to the dimensions and the type that serves you best.


In the colours that you desire. Choose from an extensive collection of fabrics and select the powder coating RAL that best suits your space.


Compatible with your smart home. All NYFAN pergolas come equipped with io Somfy motor technology.

Choose the solution that suits your needs.

Each space is unique. Find solutions customised to any space and for every need!

The spaces in which we live are unique, different, exceptional. NYFAN can provide appropriate products to suit each and every need: shading fittings for balconies, terraces, and patios; for spaces both big and small; with or without automatic operations; with appropriate lighting; in any colour combination desired; and with the commitment of protection from the most difficult weather conditions.

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