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Shading Materials

NYFAN shading materials are here to satisfy your each and every need. Complete shading, sun protection, waterproofness, desired brightness and the appropriate ventilation are all conditions that NYFAN can guarantee you with its range of different shading materials.

Block Sun 100%

By choosing NYFAN Block Sun 100% shade awnings, you are guaranteed the coolest and absolute shade.

Screen PVC 500gr

NYFAN’s Screen PVC shading fabrics are appropriate for spaces that do not wish to lose any brightness or air.

Blackout PVC 850gr

NYFAN’s plastic technical shading materials Blackout PVC are the number one solution for complete waterproofness and protection from the sun.

Solid PVC 680 & 500gr

At NYFAN you can find a range of light PVC shading materials appropriate for constructions such as tents, vertical systems, canopies, umbrellas, and others.

Architectural Shade Sails NYFAN HDPE®

Architectural shading net is a very strong and durable shading material made from high quality HDPE UV stabilized weaving fibre.

Now, with the certification of its shading materials, NYFAN guarantees quality, durability and the proper function of its materials.

The NYFAN TenCate® Block Sun 100%, like all NYFAN TenCate®’s shade awnings, has the Oeko Tex Standard 100 certification, while the NYFAN Screen PVC shading fabrics has the Oeko Tex100 certification.

Maintenance Advice

There are certain very simple things that you can do in order to maintain your shade awning in good condition for a very long time. For its best maintenance, it is best if the shade awning is dry from any humidity or rain before it is wound on its shaft.

If you need to clean your shade awning, use luke-warm water without the addition of any cleansing products that may contain chlorine. Remove dust and dirt gently, using a soft brush.

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