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Earth Collection

Inspired by nature, in earthly shades and tones, the Earth Collection offers you 4 choices with embossed texture for the interior side of the awing, while the exterior side is always ecru. In combination with the advantages of quality, durability and waterproofing, you will enjoy shading inspired by nature itself.

Years warranty


Tension resistant

Water repellent

Mildew & Rot resistant



About the NYFAN TenCate® awning fabrics Earth Collection:

The NYFAN TenCate® awning Earth Collection have been processed with the latest technological means so to provide consumers with a product of the highest quality.

Durability, tension resistance and colourfastness are at the centre of the manufacturer’s attention. Following continuous and thorough inspection, they are guaranteed long-term durability even in the most extreme weather conditions.

The high sun-protection and waterproof features are only two of the characteristics that make these the number one shading awnings worldwide.

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