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TenCate® is not like any other awning. It is a fabric manufactured with the use of 300 years of experience and innovation. Experience and passion for new technologies and chemistry have brought TenCate® and its products to where they are today.

Digitally Printed Patterns

The extremely beautiful, printed designs of the NYFAN TenCate® series are intended for spaces with a cheerful disposition.


The Perla series by NYFAN TenCate® brings a sense of renewal and luxury to your balcony.

Solid Colours

Solid colours NYFAN TenCate® awnings offer a large selection of colour choices.

Earth Collection

The Earth Collection series by NYFAN TenCate® brings you awnings inspired by nature.
TenCate Outdoor Fabrics

The TenCate® Outdoor Fabrics group of technological textile applications is a multinational company which develops and produces solutions that are used worldwide for the protection of people and their work environment.

TenCate® focusses on the development and manufacture of technical fabrics for international markets and is the leader in the market of sun protection fabrics.

TenCate® Quality & Expertise

The combination of its manufacturing technology and its sales and supply network render TenCate® Outdoor Fabrics a versatile business partner. Its quality and reliable delivery time are guaranteed given that all tasks (supply of raw materials, weaving, final processing of the fabrics, through to the final product) are all performed with absolute constancy.

ISO Certification & Digital Printing

TenCate® awnings have received ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certification, which respectively validate that the correct organizational guidelines are followed at all levels of the company’s operation and that the company has an Environmental Management System.

Digital Printing

From 2016, NYFAN is the only company to digitally print its fabrics on industrial-sized digital printers of the latest technology with the following advantages:

  • High-resolution detail in all designs

  • Vivid and colourfast colours

  • Protection against mould with special UV LED treatment of the fabric, prior to printing

  • Absence of biologically harmful chemicals

  • Saving up to 90% on ink, 80% on water and 60% on energy in comparison to offset printing methods


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