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NYFAN Awning Components

Premium aesthetics, reliability, flawless finish

We offer a complete range of arms and components in order to provide solutions to every shading need.

Genuine NYFAN Awning Components:

When your awning is fitted with genuine NYFAN awning components, it is automatically guaranteed maximum system performance, user safety and ease of use.

Drawing inspiration from our many years of experience in shading systems, all NYFAN awning components have been developed by us and manufactured under the strictest specifications which we set our partners.

All genuine NYFAN components bear the phoenix logo and are distinguished by their impeccable finish and distinctive design.

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  • NYFAN Awning Arms

  • NYFAN Awning Automations

  • NYFAN Awning Accessories

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Choose the solution that suits your needs.

Each space is unique. Find solutions customised to any space and for every need!

The spaces in which we live are unique, different, exceptional. NYFAN can provide appropriate products to suit each and every need: shading fittings for balconies, terraces, and patios; for spaces both big and small; with or without automatic operations; with appropriate lighting; in any colour combination desired; and with the commitment of protection from the most difficult weather conditions.

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and choose awning fabrics & shading materials that stand out for their incomparable quality

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