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Awning fabrics & Shading materials

We want to live outdoors more and more, but at the same time we need more protection from the sun, the rain, and the wind. NYFAN’s awnings and shading materials are here to guarantee these things for you.

NYFAN TenCate® awnings

TenCate® produces awnings of unsurpassed technical specifications, which ensure strength and durability.

NYFAN Tempotest® acrylic awning fabrics

In partnership with PARÀ S.p.A, NYFAN presents its new collection of shading fabrics, NYFAN Tempotest®.

Shading materials NYFAN®

NYFAN’s shading materials are here to guarantee maximum protection from the sun, the rain, and the wind.

Japanese Clear PVC films NYFAN Achilles®

The authentic Japanese clear PVC film Achilles by NYFAN is the perfect solution for shading constructions for both business and residential spaces.

Network of partners
near you.

Find our products through the NYFAN network of specialized partners throughout Greece.

Choose the solution that suits your needs.

Each space is unique. Find solutions customised to any space and for every need!

The spaces in which we live are unique, different, exceptional. NYFAN can provide appropriate products to suit each and every need: shading fittings for balconies, terraces, and patios; for spaces both big and small; with or without automatic operations; with appropriate lighting; in any colour combination desired; and with the commitment of protection from the most difficult weather conditions.

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