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Starlight BLUE
NYFAN Tempotest®

Tempotest Starlight BLUE® is the first collection of awning fabrics made from recycled PET (polyethylene), certified with GRS (Global Recycling Standard). For this collection, a production process with sustainable features was developed that saves 60% on energy and lowers CO2 emmissions by 45% and water consumption by 90%.

8 year warranty

Solar heat protection

Glare Control


GTOTe Class

Protection from UV rays – UPF

About NYFAN Tempotest® Starlight BLUE® awning fabrics:

These are a revolutionary advancement in the use of reclaimed materials (recycled PET) and in weaving methods culminating in a perfect combination of sustainability and the excellent technical specifications of the final product.

The recycled PET yarns which have been certified with the GRS standard, produce a fabric that is distinguished by excellent elastic recovery and resistance to wind pressure and tension.

These properties make this fabric the most suitable and ideal material for large-scale and demanding constructions.


The innovative Tempotest® Visualizer technology helps you select the style of awning and the fabric design that you desire. Very simply, it “visualizes” the Tempotest® fabric that will best suit your home or business.

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