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Solid Colours
NYFAN Tempotest®

The NYFAN Tempotest® acrylic awning fabrics are an expression of limitless style. They are made to provide shade for the most demanding consumer and are always on the forefront as they timelessly express the latest trends in the market and in fashion.

Tempotest® Solid Colours acrylic awning fabrics are available from NYFAN in 72 unique shades & patterns so you will find just the right fit for your outside space.

8 year warranty

Solar heat protection

Glare Control


GTOTe Class

Protection from UV rays – UPF

About NYFAN Tempotest® awning fabrics:

These shading fabrics are installed with the purpose of protecting people and their environment from the sun’s rays. By regulating heat and light, greater thermal and visual comfort is provided. Sun protection awnings, and shading systems in general, are primarily installed to save energy in addition to safeguarding privacy.

As Tempotest® fabrics must meet the highest technical and stylistic expectations, they are subjected to strict laboratory controls throughout the production process. These controls ensure the requisite high performance of the product, which is further covered by warranty.

The fabrics’ weight, breaking load, tear resistance, dimensional variation, watertightness, water repellency, colour fastness, behaviour towards solar radiation and other features, are all measured by the most sophisticated precision instruments to comply with specific international standards.


The innovative Tempotest® Visualizer technology helps you select the style of awning and the fabric design that you desire. Very simply, it “visualizes” the Tempotest® fabric that will best suit your home or business.

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