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Block Sun 100%

The NYFAN Block Sun 100% shade awnings are synonymous with complete shade. By choosing Black Out, you are guaranteed the coolest shade but also protection from ultraviolet radiation thanks to the special fibres used in the weaving of the awning fabric.

It is perfect for spaces which are exposed to the midday sun and need maximum protection from the rain and other weather conditions.

Years warranty


Tension resistant

Water repellent

Mildew & Rot resistant



NYFAN Block Sun 100% Quality Characteristics:

The fabric is manufactured using materials that are environmentally friendly and, like all NYFAN TenCate®’s shade awnings, has the Oeko Tex Standard 100 certification. It is available in four modern colours: ecru, grey, mocha, and ochre, thus giving your space, in addition to incomparable protection, an atmosphere of finesse and elegance.

NYFAN TenCate®’s Block Sun 100% shading awnings series systematically undergo quality controls to ensure their durability over time even under the most difficult weather conditions. The high sun-protection and waterproof features are only two of the characteristics that make these the number one shading awnings worldwide.

Maintenance Advice:
There are certain very simple things that you can do in order to maintain your shade awning in good condition for a very long time. For its best maintenance, it is best if the shade awning is dry from any humidity or rain before it is wound on its shaft. If you need to clean your shade awning, use luke-warm water without the addition of any cleansing products that may contain chlorine. Remove dust and dirt gently, using a soft brush.

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