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Acrylic awning fabrics NYFAN Tempotest®

Tempotest® fabrics work perfectly in any outdoor space providing protection from the sun while, at the same time, adding a touch of colour and elegance. Tempotest® is the largest collection of fabrics for awnings, suitable for every lifestyle.

Solid Colours

The basic range of NYFAN Tempotest® awning fabrics available in 72 unique shades and designs.


The timeless collection of NYFAN Tempotest® awning fabrics with classic and modern stripes.

Waterproof – Resinati

Total protection from the sun and rain in 13 unique shades.

Starlight BLUE®

Tempotest Starlight BLUE® is the first collection of awning fabrics made from recycled PET (polyethylene), certified with GRS (Global Recycling Standard).

Marine - Malmoe Resinato®

Boat fabrics specially manufactured for maximum durability under extreme weather conditions.

NYFAN Tempotest®

Insisting on the triptych: reliability, consistency and quality, NYFAN S.A., in collaboration with PARÀ S.p.A., present their new collection of shading fabrics: NYFAN Tempotest®.

This new collection consists of 88 individual codes of acrylic fabrics in solid colours and stripes, 11 codes in 100% waterproof solid colours Tempotest Resinati, as well as 5 codes from the new series Tempotest Blue® which makes up the new series of shading fabrics made from 100% recycled PET polyester.

Unlimited variety
The range in colours, patterns and stripes covers a wide selection from classic shades through to the most modern trends, while the certifications carried by the PARÀ factory ensure top durability and indelible colours. Moreover, all the fabrics in the collection can be heat-sealed for a flawless visual result.

An unsurpassed product management experience is, as always, guaranteed by NYFAN, who is the exclusive distributor of Tempotest® shading fabrics in Greece and Cyprus.

PARÀ, with over 100 years of experience
PARÀ is a family business which has reached and surpassed the significant landmark of over 100 years of operation.

Founded in 1921, and for over three generations, it produces fabrics with excellent aesthetic and technical properties used for sun protection, indoor and outdoor furnishing accessories and shipping.

PARÀ Certification
All Tempotest® fabrics are treated with the latest generation Teflon™ Fabric Protector. Fabrics treated with Teflon™ EXTREME for PARÀ remain cleaner for a greater length of time thanks to the action of the product which makes the surface of the fabric glossier thus reducing the absorption of water and allowing for particles of dirt to slide off more easily.

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