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Terms of use of the website


Website user suitability

The website is owned and controlled by “NYFAN S.A.” (hereinafter NYFAN S.A.), and is targeted to both legal entities and natural persons that have the required legal capacity to use the services provided by it. If you do not meet the conditions, you are not allowed to use the website.

Modification of terms of use

NYFAN S.A. has the right to revise and update these terms of use at any time. If you continue to use the Website after any change has been made to these Terms of Use, this implies that you accept these changes. Any part of the Website may be modified, supplemented, deleted or updated without any notice, in the sole discretion of NYFAN S.A.

Personal Data Protection

The Privacy Policy of NYFAN S.A. governs the use of information that is collected from or provided by you to the Website. To familiarize yourself with the Privacy Policy of NYFAN S.A., please click on the relevant link on the website.

Website Licensing – Ownership

All the content of the website, including, without limitation, texts, news, graphics, photographs, diagrams/charts, images, services, and any type of files, in general, is the subject of intellectual property of NYFAN S.A. that has been licensed to NYFAN S.A. and is governed by the national, European, and international provisions on Intellectual Property.

As an effect, the sale, translation, and modification of any part of the website are expressly prohibited in any way, without the prior written consent of NYFAN S.A. The registered marks and names that are contained on this website are registered trademarks and are protected by the aforementioned provisions on intellectual property. Exceptionally, the individual parts of the website content may be stored or copied on an ordinary personal computer, strictly for personal use and outside the scope of commercial exploitation. In case of storing or copying content from the website, reference should be made to the source, although this does not imply by any means the granting of copyrights, and more so, the right of exploitation. Some data that are contained on the website, and which come from other agents or third parties, are the intellectual property of the originators, and their use or exploitation in any way is strictly prohibited.

Website Use Restrictions

In addition to the other restrictions that are stipulated in these Terms of Use, you agree to the following:

  • You shall not conceal the origin of information that is transmitted through the Website.
  • You shall not provide false or misleading information through the Website.
  • You shall not enter/upload on the website data that contain malware, and especially viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, or other computer programming routines aiming to cause damage, interference, interception, or takeover of any system, the Website or Information, or violating the copyrights of others.

Links to other Websites

  • Outbound links. The Website may contain links to websites and resources of third parties (linked sites). These linked sites are only provided for your convenience, and not as sites, the content of which is approved by NYFAN S.A. NYFAN S.A. does not make any promises or provide guarantees about the correctness, accuracy, delivery, or quality of any content, software, service, or application that can be found on any linked site. NYFAN S.A. is not responsible for the availability of the linked sites, or the content or activities of those sites. If you decide to access these linked sites, you do so at your own responsibility and risk. Moreover, the use of the linked sites is subject to the applicable policies and terms and conditions, including, but not limited to, the privacy policy of the linked site.
  • Inbound links. Any website or device that provides a link to the site https://nyfan.gr/ or any webpage that is available through it, is not allowed to (a) reproduce the Content, (b) use a browser or margin program environment around the content, (c) imply in any way that NYFAN S.A. approves it, (d) misinterpret any situation, including its relationship with NYFAN S.A. (e) present false information about the services of NYFAN S.A. and (f) use any logotype or brand of NYFAN S.A. without the prior express and written permission of NYFAN S.A..

Website Termination – Suspension of Operation

You agree that NYFAN S.A. in its sole discretion, is has the right to terminate or suspend the use of its website, content, or/and information from you, for any reason whatsoever and at any time, with or without a reason, even if access and use continues to be allowed to others. Under the said suspension or termination of use, you are obliged (a) to immediately end the use of the website and the services, and (b) destroy any copy of part of the content that you may have created. Your access to the website, Information or Services, after the termination, suspension, or end, as per above, constitutes an act of illegal access. Furthermore, you agree that NYFAN S.A. is not responsible towards you or any third party for any termination or suspension of your access to the website, Information, or/and Services.

Limitation of Liability

NYFAN S.A. does its best to ensure that all information and content of its website is accurate, clear, valid, complete, right, and available.

Under no circumstances, also including the event negligence, there is any liability of NYFAN S.A. for any damage that may be caused to the public as a result of this use of the website https://nyfan.gr/.

Visitor’s Obligations

The visitor of the website https://nyfan.gr/ is obliged to comply with the relevant provisions of the Greek, European, and International Law and the relevant legislation, and refrain from any illegal use or misuse of the Network’s content. The visitor assumes responsibility for any type of damage that was caused to the website by him or her, as a result of his or her inappropriate actions. In case of filing any lawsuit or claim, either administrative or judicial against the website, as a result of any type of his or her violation, the latter assumes the obligation to interfere in the relevant judicial procedure, on the one hand, and indemnify NYFAN S.A., if obliged to pay compensation or otherwise, on the other hand.

Applicable Law and other Terms and Conditions

The applicable law regarding the mode of operation of the website and the services or information provided through it, shall be the Greek Law.

The courts at the location of the registered office of NYFAN S.A., and more specifically, the courts of Athens, shall be competent.

The Hellenic Data Protection Authority shall be the Monitoring Authority for Personal Data Protection.

If you detect any problems in the content of the website, please contact NYFAN S.A. at this email address: [email protected]


This website, as well as any information contained on it, which – indicatively, and not limited to – includes: texts, graphics, images, photographs, designs, videos, sounds, programs, source code, news, articles, information, data, charts/diagrams, illustrations, trademarks, distinctive marks, names, logotypes, product names, company names, etc., hereinafter content, other than the expressly stated exceptions (third party copyrights), are protected under copyright law and owned by  NYFAN S.A. or the suppliers of its content. Therefore, all the rights are reserved and protected by the applicable national, EU, and international law.  NYFAN S.A. reserves all the copyrights regarding the content and the copies that are created based on it. 

Information that is not provided in a download file is not intended for printing or reproduction, either in part or in whole, in any way. The content of the website is available to visitors   strictly for personal (non-commercial or non-profit) use. 

Information that is contained in the download file may be printed or downloaded for internal, informational, or non-commercial purposes. It is neither intended to be provided or displayed to your customer or any third party, nor distributed.  Any copy of this information must include all of our copyright and ownership notices.
You are not authorized to modify this information. Exceptionally, you are authorized to translate it to facilitate understanding by your teams, in which case you are responsible for any accurate translation.

We reserve the right to revoke this authorization at any time, upon notice, which shall be sent out individually or provided on this website. Any use shall be terminated forthwith.

All the other trademarks, distinctive marks, product names, company names, graphics, and logotypes that are registered trademarks and third party copyrighted products and may be displayed on the Website, belong to their lawful owners, fall under their responsibility, and their display on the Website is not and should not be treated as transfer or granting of permission or the right to use them.


The trademarks and all the marks of NYFAN S.A., either designed or not, and all, in general, the trademarks, illustrations, images, and logotypes that refer to this website, either registered or not, are and shall remain the sole property of  NYFAN S.A., and may only be reproduced upon authorization of their owners. Your access to this website shall not be construed as granting, either indirectly or otherwise, any permission or right to use any trade names, trademarks, logotypes, and images that are displayed on this website without the prior written consent of NYFAN S.A. The total or partial reproduction, modification, or use of the said trademarks, illustrations, images, and logotypes for any reason whatsoever and by any means, without the prior express authorization of NYFAN S.A., is strictly prohibited, excluding the case of creating a hyperlink to our website pursuant to paragraph 5 below.

Access to the website and its use does not grant any rights to the trademarks and other illustrations, images, and logotypes that are contained on it. 

Other copyrights

Any product, process, or technology described on this website may be subject to other Copyrights that are reserved by us or third parties. No rights to use the Copyrights are hereby granted.


  1. We do our best to provide accurate, complete, and current information. However, we cannot provide any guarantee on the information that is contained on this website.
  2. We reserve the right to update or modify any information hereof without any prior notice. More specifically, the illustrated products may be changed or removed at any time. 
  3. We cannot assure that information on this website complies with the local legislations of countries. You visit this website at your own initiative, and you are responsible for observing all public order laws in your country.
  4. We kindly ask you to check all the information that is contained on the website from a local authority.
  5. Access to and use of this website and its content takes place at your own responsibility. More specifically, it is your own responsibility to protect yourself against viruses or other objects that may be damaging or harmful.
  6. In any case, NYFAN S.A. is not responsible for any direct or indirect harm or damage that may result from access to this website or use of the information displayed on it (e.g. error, omission, difficult access, data loss, failure, damage or viruses that may infect the computer equipment of the user). Therefore, the user agrees to use this information at his or her responsibility and is asked to proceed with any necessary checks.
  7. NYFAN S.A. and any partnering contractor who is involved in the creation, production, or distribution of any content of this website, do not incur any liability for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage, lost profit, loss or cessation of business activities due to the use or failure to use this website, even if NYFAN S.A. has been made aware of the possibility of this harm or damage. 
  8. If you are not satisfied with any part of this website, the only and exclusive remedy at your disposal is to stop using this website.
  9. NYFAN S.A. does not guarantee the smooth or error-free access to the website and its content. This website and all of its content are provided “as is”, without any type of guarantee, either explicit or implicit, including, inter alia, title or non-violation guarantees or indirect guarantees of marketability or fitness for a specific purpose or in terms of website availability, accuracy, safety, or reliability.

User liability

The user agrees and undertakes to use the website services, information, and data as they are provided for by law, and according to the rules of good faith and business practice. He or she is obliged not to use the website  for: sending, publishing, sending through e-mail, or transmitting in other ways, any content that is illegal for any reason whatsoever, causing illegal damage and harm to the “TRADING NAME OF YOUR COMPANY” or any third party that either violates the confidentiality or privacy of information of any person; sending, publishing, sending through e-mail or transmitting in other ways, any content that damages good morals, social values, minority, etc.; sending, publishing, sending through e-mail or transmitting in other ways, any content, to which, the users have not right to transmit under the law or applicable contracts (such as internal information, ownership and confidential information that was obtained or disclosed as part of employment relationships or is covered by confidentiality agreements); sending, publishing, sending through e-mail or transmitting in other ways, any content that violates any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyrights or other ownership rights of third parties; any type of sending, publishing, sending through e-mail or transmitting in other ways, any material that contains software viruses or any other codes, files or programs that have been developed in order to stop the operation, cause damage to, or destroy the equipment or any computer software or hardware; intentional or unintentional violation of applicable law or legal provisions; harassment of third parties in any way; collection or storage of personal data about other users.

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  • By visiting this page on our website: https://nyfan.gr/en/contact/
  • By calling us on the phone number: 210 2581440

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