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Technology & Quality
NYFAN Pergola®

Aluminum & INOX Steel

All NYFAN® Pergolas are made from powder coated aluminum profiles and stainless steel components which are the perfect combination of durability and low weight. All profiles are custom, designed by us, to ensure that they meet our high standards and have the best fit possible.

Power Belt Safety Lock

All NYFAN® Pergolas incorporate the newest innovation the Power Belt Safety Lock ensuring that the power belt will stay intact and operate properly for years to come.

Tubular Motor

All NYFAN® Pergolas use tubular motor technology for easy maintenance and worry-free operation for years to come.

High quality plastic parts

NYFAN Pergola’s use PA6/fiberglass components in certain parts, instead of metallic, to avoid oxidation and frictions. The PA6 (polyamide type) are high quality plastics known for their durability and colorfastness and in some cases they come reinforced with fiberglass to preserve their physical dimensions.

Rainwater Management

Selected NYFAN® pergola models come equipped with a rainwater management system. The structure guides the water to a gutter which is then dispensed through the posts in the ground or other desired location.

CE Certification

All NYFAN® Pergolas have passed the necessary stress tests which ensure the user’s safety and the system’s resistance on all weather conditions.


NYFAN® shading systems, parts and shading materials come with 5-year warranty, in order to ensure quality and excellent appearance for many years.