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NYFAN Achilles Super

For distributors and manufacturers in Europe, the high-quality Achilles Super PVC film has been the trusted choice for many years.

Achilles Super PVC films are produced with Quick Release. This results in less cohesion which makes the PVC film less sticky, runs smoothly off the roll and is easy to process. The Achilles Super is UV resistant and even in the most challenging weather conditions guarantees optimal transparency and a lasting beautiful appearance of your tents, boat covers and related outdoor products.

For processing, the PVC film is suitable for high frequency and hot air welding. You can also easily stitch the film into, for example, polyester, nylon or PVC coated industrial fabric.

Product characteristics

  • REACH compliant:

    Produced as standard with safe, environmentally friendly plasticisers that comply with the European REACH directive.
  • UV resistant:
    UV stabilised PVC film remains transparent for a long time with minimal discolouration, even in the most challenging weather conditions.
  • Extruded PVC film:
    The Achilles Super is made by an extrusion production process that provides greater clarity and transparency.
  • Optimal transparency:
    The Achilles Super is optimally transparent and allows more than 87.2% light through and blocks approximately 90% of harmful UV radiation.
  • Double polished:
    The standard polished finish on both sides of the material contributes to even greater clarity.
  • Easy maintenance:
    Cleaning with mild soap and lukewarm water is sufficient.
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