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    NYFAN TenCate

    7 years warranty for all NYFAN TEnCate‘S awning fabrics! 

    The appearance of the fabric is excellent even after many years of use, because it does not keep any dust, it does not overflow and the colors remain vivid.

    Processing NYFAN TenCate awning fabric is a very serious and scientifically-validated work that takes place at the state-of-the-art TenCate factory in the Netherlands for three weeks and achieves the following:

    • It is 100% waterproof.
    • Provides complete protection against ultraviolet (UV) radiation.
    • It has vivid, eco friendly and human friendly colors.

    5 years real warranty, for SHADING MATERIALS:

    • Perforated PVC
    • PVC Black out
    • PVC Solid

    5 years real warranty, for all nyfan shading systems and parts!

    • NYFAN Shading Systems: NYFAN Bar,
      NYFAN Casoneto, Special Structures
    • NYFAN Parts: NYFAN Arms, NYFAN Loggia, NYFAN Vertical

    5 years real warranty, for all nyfan moters and automation systems!

    • NYFAN Power 50Nm / 50Nm RTS / 100Nm / 120Nm / 120Nm RTS
    • NYFAN Automation Systems (Single-channel NYFAN Controller/
      Five-channel NYFAN Controller, Remote sun-wind NYFAN sensor)

    TenCate, through long and continuous efforts in order to ensure product and service quality for their customers, has received production certificates for quality and environmental standards as well as Corporate Social Responsibility, such as: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and CSR.

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    NYFAN S.A.
    65 Perissou Str., Nea Chalkidona, 143 43, Athens
    Tel. 210 2581440
    Fax: 210 2524411
    e-mail: [email protected]


    NYFAN S.A.
    Perissou 65, Nea Chalkidona, 143 43, Athens
    Tel. 210 2581440 Fax: 210 2524411
    e-mail: [email protected]

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